The only animal with long hair??

Why do we have elongated scalp hair?

 The theory goes that we (as humans) developed around rivers and the coast; we required water to survive and flourish. Whilst this proved a valuable source of food (shellfish, fish…etc) the toxins and the heavy metals in that particular diet prove too much for our body to handle.

So our bodies developed an amazing way of getting rid of those heavy metal toxins…by using the hair!

 Hair is pigmented by melanocytes (dendritic cells which make colour and ‘inject’ it into the keratinised cells of the hair); the melanocytes also have the fantastic quality of being able to taking the heavy toxins washing around our blood processing them into the pigment.

This means the Melanocytes safely deposits the toxin into the dead material of the hair where it is slowly grown (excreted) out of the body!

 Our hair developed a long growing phase to help with this excreting process!

 So once again the simple hair proves that it is (or at least used to be) necessary for our development and not just simple ornamentation!

 A good trichologist needs to understand why we have hair and how it works, Trichology simply means the science of hair; the more we understand about it the better we can treat it when it goes wrong!



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