Propecia scare


Just heard Newsbeat on radio 1 talking about the ‘cons’ of taking ‘Propecia’…stating new research that shows long term impotency in users.

I will firstly point out that ‘Finasteride’ to give it it’s licenced name, is a very safe drug, one of few which does not have very many interactions with other medical compounds.

There has always been a warning that approx 2% of men using this may suffer from erectile dysfunction or loss of libido.

As this is a ‘temporary’ DHT blocker, there is no reason why after stoping the medication it would still have an effect?There is a very, very small risk that the side-effects of this medication may induce an underlying condition, but to say this medication causes permanant impotence is extreme and ‘scare-mongering’

You must always keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% safe medication; paracetamol, asprin..all the household medicines will have ‘some’ side effects on a minority of people.

This medication is still a very safe and effective way of preventing and helping hair loss…so please don’t worry!

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year


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