Oscars hair

The biggest film event has been and gone once again leaving us to pour over the dresses and outfits the stars were wearing.

Hair also provides huge speculation on whats been done and by whom?…a patient did point out to me last week that (quite rightly) if there is so many people loosing their hair (either genetically or due to other conditions) why are their so little ‘A’ listers who seem not to have hair problems?

The answer is of course that they suffer as much as anyone else to genetic thinning as well as many other things…they simply are better at prevention, maintaining and hiding the thinning hair!

The people who you see on the red carpet are under a huge amount of scrutiny, and are also in a career where ‘looks are everything’ and a receeding hair line would not do much for your next prospective role.

This unfortunately has a de-morilising effect on the ‘normal’ people who look on in envy wondering why ‘Mr/Mrs X’ is so luck that they are a film star AND doesn’t suffer from hair loss.

Through ‘secret’ operations, preventative medication and early detection of any illnesses which may bode ill for their hair, the Hollywood starlets do keep this illusion of being almost immune to hair loss….of course they have the money to do so and for the majority of us taking the same actions does require a long term look on finances before leaping into surgery/long term medication.

But they do have one thing right…which is prevention is better than cure and once they see some sort of hair thinning, you can bet they (or their agent) will be trying to sort the problem out asap!

But rest assure that their will be people on the red carpet last night thinking “I hope no one notices”…just like the rest of us who suffer from hair loss!

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