National hair loss awareness week!

Hair loss awareness week is between the 31st of Jan and the 6th of Feb is being highlighted by the Institute of Trichologists as the time to raise awareness of all types of hair loss problems.

Excessive hair loss problems blight the lives of both men and women causing incredible psychological suffering and in many cases may be the first outward signs of a serious underlying condition. Hair loss is distressing and upsetting especially for women, up to 1:3 women will suffer from some form of hair loss in their life, after all it is a woman’s ‘crowning glory and has a devastating effect on the sufferer.

The main types of hair loss fall into two categories diffuse hair loss or patchy (for want of a better word) which the word ‘Alopecia’ is all to commonly used. Diffuse hair loss is very common; usually women initially notice their hair becoming fine and fly away, this can be the start of thinning hair and can be many the reasons; Diet, Medication: Certain underlying illness and severe stress: can all lead to thinning hair.

Genetic thinning comes under this banner too, just as men suffer from ‘male pattern baldness’ there is a female version too and it affects just as many women as it does men, the difference being the type of ‘pattern’ it takes and it is more likely to happen after menopause. Alopecia is simply a term meaning ‘hair loss’, when people say alopecia they usually think of Alopecia Areata, which is an auto-immune disorder (the body is fighting against itself) and usually rectifies itself without medical intervention.

Most hair problems (to a greater or lesser extent) can rectified but only if the underlying problem is identified and treated by an expert, and not by using off the shelf remedies, they never work because they never get to the ’root’ of the problem [excuse the pun!]

Men too suffer from the worries hair loss although it is more ‘socially acceptable’ now for men to lose their hair for some it is still a huge psychological problem which relates more to low self esteem and worries of body image rather than vanity. Male hair loss is usually genetics but correct diagnosis and medication can help maintain the hairline (and in some cases grow the hair back).

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