How can I grow my hair longer?

I was recently asked how do you get your hair grow longer?

 Hmm…this is not a straightforward question as it largely depends on two factors


The length of your hair cycle:

Your hair grows in a continuous growing/shedding phase which can be anywhere between 5 and 8 years…basically the longer your hair cycle the longer your hair!

This is largely determined by genetics…if you haven’t got the ‘long hair gene’ you wont grow hair down to your waist!

The other variable is…the speed that your hair grows, which can vary between 0.7mm and 12mm per month.

One times by the other gives you the optimum length that your hair could potentially grow too of the growing phase of your hair cycle that determines the length of your hair.



Person ‘a’ hair grows at 1cm per month and has a growth phase of 5 years = 60cm

Person ‘b’ hair grows at 1.2 cm per month and has a growth phase of 7 years = 100.8 cm

Certain genetic types have longer hair growth phases (Asian people have generally longer growth phases)

But…health problems and the aging process could affect both of these factors in general.

Lack of certain vitamins, minerals or amino acids may cause the hair cycle to shrink, and so not grow for as long.


The hair is the 2nd fastest growing cell in the body and so needs a lot of nutrition for it to function correctly, Lupus hair (4)Lupus hair (4)unfortunately the body classes hair as ‘non-essential’ and so will always be at the back of the queue when it comes to getting the essential nutrients it needs to grow properly.


You skimp on the wrong stuff and the first thing to be affected is your hair and its ability to grow to its ‘optimum’ length.


Genetics also has a large part to play diminishing hair length, as we get older out hair cycle slows down (as with all our bodies cell division (mitosis) rates) and so hair may become thinner and grow for less time.


 So…How can you grow your hair as long as possible?

I would encapsulate my advice into three points

  • Ensure you have no underlying medical problem that are preventing on the hair’s ability to grow.


  • Make sure you eat well, your hair needs feeding and will not grow as well as it can if deprived of specific micronutrients or proteins.


Protein supplements specifically for hair growth are fantastic for this type of problem…have a look at my personal favorite!


  • Look after your hair, it is basically a fiber that has no ability to repair itself once damaged, good quality shampoos and conditioners are imperative to making sure your hair does not break off at the ends (making your hair immediately shorter!) due to repetitive hair straightening, coloring, bleaching etc…