Hair loss supplement advice

Hair loss is distressing and upsetting especially for women, up to 1:3 women will suffer from some form of hair loss in their life, after all it is a woman’s ‘crowning glory and has a devastating effect on the sufferer.

The main types of hair loss can be categorized into diffuse or patchy (for want of a better words).

Alopecia is the ‘patchy’ hair loss we think of and is simply a term meaning ‘hair loss’ in ancient Greek when people say alopecia they usually think of Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disorder (the body is fighting against itself) and usually rectifies itself without medical intervention over several months.

Diffuse hair loss is more common; usually women initially notice their hair becoming fine and fly away, this can be the start of thinning hair and can be many the reasons; Diet, Medication: Certain underlying illness and severe stress: can all lead to thinning hair.

Genetic thinning comes under this banner too, just as men suffer from ‘male pattern baldness’ there is a female version too and it affects just as many women as it does men, the difference being the type of ‘pattern’ it takes and it is more likely to happen after menopause.


Hair loss Supplements have their part to play in hair health, When I am consulting with a patient, one piece of advice I cannot stress enough is “A health balanced diet is essential for good hair growth”…Why is it so important?

Because, what ever the underlying issue is, it will always be exacerbated by a poor diet! A good, healthy diet is the keystone to hair health.


The hair is the 2nd fastest growing cell in the body and so needs a lot of nutrition for it to function correctly, unfortunately the body classes hair as ‘non-essential’ and so will always be at the back of the queue when it comes to getting the essential nutrients it needs to grow properly. You skimp on the wrong stuff and the first thing to be affected is your hair and its ability to grow to its optimum capacity.

Why do some hair loss supplements work and some don’t?

Basically because most manufacturers have never dealt with hair loss first hand, they rely on scientific advice from people in ‘labs’ rather than actually understanding the issue itself. Using a scattergun tactic of “cram as much of X,Y and Z vitamin as possible as its ‘all good for hair”, without realising the body will usually discard many of the water based vitamins it does not need.

Iron and protein are the main issues with hair problems, Iron is difficult to absorb and we don’t eat the right proteins (or enough of them!), everything else can be found in a decent healthy diet!…if it does not address one of these issues, it probably will not do you any good!


Through years of research I came across this little nugget of wisdom!


Years ago if you had weak or brittle hair (or nail problem) then you were told to eat jelly. So I researched why would people say this (and swear by it) rather than telling people to eat their greens, or eat more meat…or something??


What I discovered is that the animal gelatin which it contained was a fantastic source of ‘Sulphur-rich’ amino-acids the hair (and nails) needs to grow healthily…not only that, such a rich source of protein could make the hair grow at its optimum level, increasing level of growth and thickness if your diet has been lacking ‘good quality’ proteins.


Hairjelly Protein Capsules the hair loss supplement.


‘Hairjelly’ is a nutritional supplement that was designed to mimic the specific amino acids that animal gelatin has. Increasing this type of nutrition the hair needs will helps to stimulate the ‘building blocks’ of hair (Keratin) this in turn will help the hair grow at its optimum natural capacity.

It also has a few vits and minerals thrown in to help the proteins absorb, so please have a look at and see what all the fuss is about!…any questions, just get in touch via our website.

Thank you


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